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Single And Double Hung Aluminium Windows: What Are The Differences?

By November 11, 2019 March 12th, 2020 No Comments

The most common varieties of window designs currently used in both residential and commercial building construction today are single-hung and double-hung aluminium windows. Especially in older houses and office facilities still in use, single-hung windows are found more frequently, mainly due to their cost-efficiency. However, they are more difficult to clean and maintain since only one sash is movable in single-hung designs. Although windows with two mobile sashes, the double-hung style, are easier to take care of, installation and repairs for these windows are usually more costly. In some installations, the movable sashes (glass panels) of both single and double-sash designs also tilt inward or outward to improve ventilation.

Major Differences Between Single and Double-Hung Aluminium Windows

Primary differences between aluminium windows of the single and double-hung designs include the following feature variations:

  • Ventilation. – While single-hung windows can only regulate the extent and quality of airflow through each window’s opened or tilted panel by the amount of open air space provided, double-hung styles offer more varied levels of airflow, according to which panel is opened and how widely. The double-hung variety offers more versatility well-suited to locations with extreme weather patterns and changes throughout the year.
  • Installation. – Because of their lightweight construction and single moving glass panel, single-hung aluminium windows are more easily installed than double-hung designs. The installation of double-hung windows requires more careful and precise workmanship due to the heavier weight of their two panels.
  • Cost. – Most single-hung windows are approximately 15 to 25 percent less expensive to purchase and install than are double-hung designs. Repairs for windows with a single movable glass panel are, of course, less costly. However, although the expense of installing and repairing double-hung windows is normally higher than for their single-hung counterparts, maintenance costs are often less for double-hung due to the greater durability offered by double-hung styles.
  • Maintenance. – With only one moving sash, single-hung windows pose some problems for cleaning the upper, usually immobile, panel in some installations. Double-hung styles offer easier access to all areas of their glass panels since both panels move and/or tilt.

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